James Burke

James Burke

Business Account Manager


I’m a native Portlander and graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After college, I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for nearly 15 years before moving back to Oregon in 2010. My career in insurance began in 1999 when I first became a licensed property and casualty agent. I’ve been in administration, sales, claims and account management before coming here to Leonard Adams where I work closely with Darrin Gross. There is a great team environment here and I’ve felt welcomed and appreciated since day one.

I like to think that the fact I was born in the Victorian-era St. Vincent’s Hospital that used to be on Westover Road gave me a lifelong love of history. Growing up listening to stories about the Great Depression and World War II from my parents made a lasting impression on me. In my spare time, I research and write about the men and women from the Pacific Northwest who didn’t get to come back home after WWII. I have a deep respect and appreciation for past sacrifices, without which I wouldn’t be here.

I’m a die-hard Dodgers fan, I love British comedy and I cherish the friendships I’ve made over the years. During the summer, you can often find me exploring rural Oregon. I live in Beaverton and have two feisty guinea pigs, Annie and Clarabelle, that I inherited from a disinterested nephew.