Judy Price

Business Account Manager

503-296-0077 x4845

I moved from San Diego, California up to Oregon in February of 1967 and started working for LACO on March 13, 1967, at the personal auto desk. I quoted and typed the policies in the office where we had manual typewriters and file cabinets with folders and paper files.

In 1969 I was promoted to the commercial casualty desk and about a year later we began selling policies with both casualty and property insurance. From that point until 2011, I worked in commercial insurance and assisted Brian D.E. Dooney in managing the office and handled HR matters. I continued to handle commercial accounts with Brian and later Sean, and now have been working alongside Sheri in the wake of Sean’s passing.

I have always enjoyed working with clients and company personnel and have made many friends over the years as I was involved in their lives through the insurance industry being witness to marriages, divorces, births, house purchases, graduations, commercial property purchases, life in general and deaths.