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COVID-19 Message

By March 16, 2020Announcements

Leonard Adams is monitoring the latest updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic around the clock, from the CDC and Oregon Health Authority, and taking every precautionary step possible in the office to avoid exposure and have a plan in place in the event of such exposure.

In short, we’re doing the best we can to continue to provide the highest level of service to all of our customers.

For the latest information about symptoms to look for, guidelines for when to contact us, and credible sources of information, please follow the links below:

We take this health concern seriously and are diligently looking at various scenarios and responses that make sense, to protect our staff and customers, and allow for our daily lives to go on as normally as possible.

We appreciate your support as we navigate this ever-changing scenario. Thank you, and we wish you and your family well.

The Leonard Adams Team