Brian Dooney

As the oldest of Sean and Sheri’s children, Brian’s grandchildren and Leonard’s great-grandchildren, it was inevitable that I would get the opportunity to work at Leonard Adams Company. Between starting in the file room at age 12 and growing up around an extended family of brokers, insurance runs in my blood. After a few years at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, I came home and finished up my business degree at the University of Oregon. Post-graduation, I took a quick trip across Western Europe, moved to Seattle and jumped into the industry working on the carrier side for 3 years, mostly for Mutual of Omaha. While many people fall into this industry, I was born into it—and I look forward to serving our clients for a lifetime. I work with clients in various industries and look forward to working with a wide range of personal and commercial clients.

We could talk about things I enjoy all day, but some of the most important are my family, friends and many of the incredible outdoor activities the Pacific Northwest provides us. Skiing powder tops my list and I love a good skimboarding session to name a few. I look forward to continually expanding my horizons outdoors and hope to see as much of the World as possible. I’m also an avid sports fan (Go Red Sox!) and nothing gets me more excited than college football. Although I’m a Duck I do have a soft spot for the Beavers. My parents met at Oregon State their freshman year and my siblings and I are sure lucky they did.
Thanks for taking a moment to learn about me. Give me a call, I’d love to learn more about you!